Virtual Lunch and Learn: Discussing Diversity
and Inclusion with
Cue Point

Cue Point have created an all-inclusive, multi-sensory barbecue experience that will expand conversations and begin to build bridges. Through creating fusion cuisine representative of Britain and Afghanistan they are changing the narratives of these two Nations. 

They aim to teach audiences about crucial matters affecting these communities through a digestible platform, vocabulary acquisition, and interactive diversity and inclusion training. Individuals should not be afraid to ask questions about race, yet this seems to be the case with non-marginalised communities and allies. 

This session is great for open discussion and honest conversation over a fantastic British-Barbecue lunch (or dinner). 



Duration: 1 hour

Format: Live Cooking Class via Zoom Link, Recommended number of participants: 10-100

Items included

  • Cue Point Meal Kit delivered to attendees prior to event
  • Live cook a long session with Cue Point founder
  • Discussion on Inclusion and Diversity


Cue Point Ldn

We are Cue Point Ltd, a British Afghan Fusion BBQ company. We provide inclusive, affordable, and accessible BBQ meal kits, products and event kits nationwide.

Our restaurant kits have been described as 'The Plate of a Nation' by The Sunday Times Food. As an inclusive company CP is considerate of multiple dietary requirements, halal, vegan, dairy-free etc. At CP we believe it is especially important to be inclusive of diverse communities and to create integrated spaces, both off-line and on-line in an effort to create positive social change via the hospitality sector. All you need to create Cue Point At Home is a toaster and a hob.

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